Door Hardware – It’s Not Just Handles And Locks!

When you’re designing new timber doors and considering what type of hardware will look and function best, you’re probably thinking about the handles and locks. There are indeed plenty of different options for handles, doorknobs, traditional locks, electronic security locks and more. But that’s not the only hardware you need to consider. Depending on the style and size of your new doors, you’ll also have to think about the following. Read more…

French Doors With A Twist: Design Ideas To Make Your Timber & Glass Doors Stand Out

Do you love the bright openness that french doors offer? Are you planning on implementing them in a new design or renovation, but want to add a little something extra so they don’t look too ‘done’? At Taurus Installations, we’re no strangers to design innovation – yet we also understand the appeal of classic profiles. Here are a few ideas which will help set your new doors apart from the rest. Read more…

Design Inspiration: Famous Buildings in WA with Timber Doors

Want to give your new timber doors a hint of old-world charm, deco design, or a striking modern profile? Drawing design inspiration from WA’s best known heritage buildings and award-winning architecture is a great place to start. From The Cloisters to Houghton Winery, here is a list of some of our favourite Western Australian landmarks with unforgettable grand timber doors.

Window Glazing Options: The Basics

So you’ve chosen a window opening style and a great timber for the frame – but what about the glass itself? There are so many different options which can really impact the functionality of your windows. From energy efficiency to security, there’s a lot to keep in mind when deciding on a glass and a finish for your new windows. Find out a few of the basic options that we offer. Read more…

Comparing and Contrasting Timber Options

There are so many different timbers that are readily available in Australia, both native and from elsewhere in the world. We’re lucky to have a wide selection of both forest and plantation timber, from softwoods to hardwoods, that are suitable for construction and which are proven to last well in Australia’s occasionally very harsh climate. Each has quite different properties, from strength and durability to colour and grain. Here are just a few of the options that are available through Taurus Installations. Read more.

Hardware Options for Timber Doors

Choosing the right hardware for your new timber doors is an important part of the design process, and will have a big impact on the usability as well as the final look of the doors. Here are a few tips for choosing great hardware that complements the look of your new door. Read more.

Seven Window Furnishings That Look Great With Timber Windows

Timber windows look great in both heritage-style and contemporary homes, lending warmth and structure to the overall look of the property. If you’re adding curtains or drapes on the inside, it’s important to choose a style which complements the texture and colour of the wood itself. Here are seven ideas for traditional window treatments that look amazing with timber windows. Read more.

Maintaining Timber Window Frames – Our Top Five Tips

Keeping your timber windows in great condition doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort, if you do it right. You can have beautiful looking window frames all year round with just a little well timed inspection and a smart approach to maintaining the finish. Here are our top five tips for keeping timber windows looking great. Read more.