French Doors With A Twist: Design Ideas To Make Your Timber & Glass Doors Stand Out

Posted on: January 9th, 2014 by Scott Blackwood No Comments

Do you love the bright openness that french doors offer? Are you planning on implementing them in a new design or renovation, but want to add a little something extra so they don’t look too ‘done’? At Taurus Installations, we’re no strangers to design innovation – yet we also understand the appeal of classic profiles. Here are a few ideas which will help set your new doors apart from the rest:

1. Tinted glass in a natural timber frame

When we think of french doors we normally think of white painted frames with clear glass that lets in light both ways. However, natural or stained timber frames with reflective ‘one-way’ style film can also be a great way to bring light into your home without compromising on privacy. It’s all about reflecting the world around you, especially if your home is surrounded by a lush garden; imagine the trees and greenery reflected in an au naturale timber frame.

2. Contrast with floorboards

Many people seem to go for continuity when it comes to choosing a timber or stain for their french doors. However, a certain level of contrast can look great- especially when the doors lie between indoor and outdoor flooring (floorboards and a deck, for example). Take a look at this image from our gallery for a little inspiration.

3. Hardware choices

Because french doors open from the centre, the hardware can become the focal point of the doorway. Try selecting something that reflects the contours of the timber door itself; for example, rather than a round door knob, try a slimline handle in a warm shade within the same tonal range as the door itself.

4. No muntins

Another feature of traditional french doors is square muntins, dividing the glass up into segments. For a modern look, consider single panes in your french doors. This will mean a better view from inside and a cleaner look to the exterior of your home- especially important in contemporary architecture.

5. Stay away from white

White paint is a traditional choice, especially for exterior doors- it lends light and a sense of contrast with surrounding materials including red brick and plaster. However, natural or stained timber can look just as striking, if you choose a timber with the right grain and textural appearance for the context. For example, a pale Meranti would give a similar effect to white painted wood, whilst a lovely dark jarrah can look great against pale coloured plaster and rendered surfaces.